The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch Revew ‘I have my own way of making a large popcorn’

Imagine you’re a rich individual in your late years, but for some reason you don’t have a wife, relatives or children. Would you adopt to pass on your wealth and business?  That’s exactly what happens in this French movie ‘The Heir Apparent: Largo Wench’. This movie was released in 2008, but recently made its way to the US in December 2011 and was nominated for Best International Film at the 2012 Saturn Awards.

What was the story about?

Billionaire Nerio Winch lived a reclusive life style, but ends up being murdered. The board members of the corporation he built believe he was not murdered and left no heirs.  Little did they realize Nerio adopted a child named Largo played by Tomer Sisley. Things unfold and Largo investigates the murder of his father and uncovers a conspiracy that threats his life and everything he holds dear while he proves he is truly the heir to the Winch dynasty.

What did you think about the characters?

Largo played by Tomer Sisley is amazing, presenting an over-confident, street wise, but well-educated character who can brawl.  I was surprised to see this much action, for I was expecting more of a drama story, but I was thrilled. Tomer could almost be considered a martial artist for he delivers some amazing fight scenes I wasn’t expecting. The way he presents his character is truly entertaining, displaying a likeable and seasoned actor. The supporting cast also presented noteworthy performances, especially the character Ann Ferguson played Kristin Scott Thomas and a few others who made this movie even more enjoyable to watch.

What did you enjoy or dislike?

I truly enjoyed the acting. The amount of action scenes was not something I expecting, for I went in thinking this was a drama story, but no complaints for the fight scenes were awesome. I also didn’t have any issues with the subtitles for it was presented well enough to not be distracting.

What size of popcorn would you order?

Overall, I was very entertained by this movie. I was expecting a drama story, but received a drama action movie full of twists that kept me interested.

I give The Heir Apparent: Largo Wench’ 4 out of 5 stars.  A large bucket of popcorn is plenty enough to match the pace and enjoyment I had watching this movie.